Is your furry friend looking at you hoping that
you will not leave for the day?


My dog, Miles, looks at me with his beautiful eyes and starts circling around my workbag and sniffing it before I pick it up. 

Upon leaving home for work does your pet tear at your shoes with hyperactive vigor? My dog made sure to know that I was missed!

Is your pet looking nervously guilty for the shoe he tore up? Miles hides in the piano room on those days!


Give your pet a gift of love. Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™ music therapy albums can gently calm and relax your favorite four-legged friends. Your pet will feel happy and loved and you will feel assured of their comfort. Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™, "Left Home Alone" will help keep your beloved pet in a peaceful mood while you are away from home and will help reduce separation anxiety.

Is your dog usually a happy-go-lucky dog with high energy? Sometimes your dog may be wagging his tail upon your return home but is his tail wagging in a rigidly circular motion?  He may have been feeling overly anxious for your return home.  Our music therapy, Allegro Paws, program will help keep him comfortable while you are away working hard to put food on his plate. 

Does your pet bark a little aggressively, maybe even with a guttural sound, as you leave your home? This may be a sign of some agitation because of your departure. Allow us to help soothe your pet with our live concert of beautiful music specifically designed to help make his day a brighter one.

Does your pet stand on all fours, with a stiff tail, and is seemingly ready to lunge forward as you prepare to leave? He may be experiencing some feelings of aggression because he knows he will not be receiving the usual attention from you while you are away.  Try out our music therapy, Allegro Paws, as it will aid in calming down your pet and will aid in bringing even more love into your home.



What is the secret to our MUSIC?

The programs chosen for Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™ albums, through specific selection of classical music performed on a Steinway grand piano, are arranged by textures, tempos and temperaments. A steady beat, calming textures, beautiful melodic lines and expressive harmonies all help soothe pets. The music is carefully examined for specific styles, emotions and effects;  programs are created for a nearly seamless transition to create the desired environment for stress reduction.


Music and Pets

Research has demonstrated how valuable classical music is for humans as is for pets and animals in general. "Dogs seem to relax to soft slow strains, and sometimes become agitated to loud drum-based tunes”, (Joy Butler). Composers of the music in our series, Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™, range from the Baroque period to the 21st Century: Rameau, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Glinka, Satie  and Hailstork, along with many others.

Dr. Karen and Roscoe leisurely discussing repertoire for me to play for him and his playmates!

Dr. Karen and Roscoe leisurely discussing repertoire for me to play for him and his playmates!