How It All Started

Miles, my source of inspiration for the creation of the Classical Music Therapy for Pets Album Series

Miles, my source of inspiration for the creation of the Classical Music Therapy for Pets Album Series


It all started when…

I was practicing for a concert one afternoon when my dog, Miles (seen above) had come in my piano studio to sit next to my feet. I was playing something by Robert Schumann. (An example of work by Schumann from Naptime can be heard just above.) After some time, something inspired me to stop playing and start singing. Most who know my singing would beg me to stop! Miles apparently agreed with them because once I started singing, he came over to me to apparently inspect my mouth. He looked at me with horror and immediatley left the room! 

After accepting my fall from grace as a singer, I wondered what would happen if I just stopped singing and would start playing without calling out to him. As soon as I started playing again, he came back into the room and sat beside my feet where he remained for the rest of my rehearsal. 

There were a number of other instances where Miles made it very clear that not only was he listening to music but that he had preferences of what was pleasing and what was unacceptable!

Why me?

I started my research after Miles transitioned to doggy heaven and in his memory, I began my classical music therapy for pets series. Some may ask as a concert pianist and composer, why am I recording music for pets and composing music for pets? The answer is simple. I love making music. I love bringing a sense of comfort to my audiences. Research has proven the positive affects of certain kinds of music within the classical genre help bring comfort and a sense of calm to pets.

Pets can experience a range of emotional dispositions just like humans. Because pets can’t verbally articulate their discomforts, their behavior tends to demonstrate their discomfort in varying manners. Music has been found to help with traumas of being left home alone, left with other pets that may be over active, or are existing in environments that are too stimulating for them. I feel privileged to be a part of the healing process for pets.

Below, click to watch Dr. Karen interviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson on The Pet Show, ABC7.

After putting on Naptime, my Yorkipoo really started to settle down. I was trying to get some work done while my kids were at school but she kept tugging on my shoes. I felt bad because I needed to get my work done, so the album really worked! I got my work done and she was happily relaxing!
— Charlotte M.