Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-11-12T23:26:48+00:00
Do you notice that your dog will look at you with a stare that is sustained by a pair of smaller than usual-sized eyes? 2020-12-08T03:08:54+00:00

Your dog may be suffering from some anxiety or anger. We can help dissolve his feelings of anxiousness or displeasure with a therapeutic music program designed just for him.

Is your pet advancing in age and experiencing some minor aches and pains?2020-11-12T23:34:45+00:00

Just like us, they feel a little slower and they may have lost a little confidence in their bodies’ performance. They may not be able to tell us how they are feeling but they may moan, or sigh more often, or may keep their tail downwards. Let us help you bring joy to your pet’s day. Our music will sing to his soul. Try Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™ albums.

Does your pet hold his head down, or tuck his tail under his hind legs often?2020-11-12T23:34:17+00:00

He may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or fear. Our albums, Allegro Paws, serve as a music therapy tool. Let our albums help relax your pet with our carefully chosen selections of music to help boost his confidence.

Did your pet experience separation from a loved one, or experience a loss from a sister or brother pet?2020-11-12T23:33:49+00:00

Pets experience loss as well as humans. They sometimes will find a dark room and remain alone for hours at a time. Allow our music to hug your pets as they process their loss. We are a music therapy program designed to help bring joy back into your pet’s life.

Is it time for a little down time for yourself but your pet may still want to play?2020-11-12T23:33:21+00:00

Its okay! We can help you get to your next activity on your to-do list and still give your pet comfort. Our Naptime album will help bring your pet to a more relaxed mood and will allow you to do your activities with assurance that your pet feels loved.

Do you own a doggy day care center or a boarding facility and experience some hostility by your guests?2020-11-12T23:32:35+00:00

Allow our music therapy to perform its magic and help bring joy during their stay with our fun melodies and expressive phrases. They will become your favorite guests!

Are you a pet grooming specialist and notice the hairs of your customer rising along his spine?2020-11-12T23:32:04+00:00

Help soothe his nerves so that he is a happy customer and you are a happy groomer! Let us help you with our harmonies of Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™ albums.

Does your pet bark incessantly at his pet friends?2020-11-12T23:31:34+00:00

He may be experiencing territorial aggression. Our albums help induce a calming environment for all of his friends including your pet. 

Does your pet bark a little aggressively, maybe even with a guttural sound, as you leave your home?2020-11-12T23:29:31+00:00

This may be a sign of some agitation because of your departure. Allow us to help soothe your pet with our live concert of beautiful music specifically designed to help make his day a brighter one.

Is your dog usually a happy-go-lucky dog with excessive energy?2020-11-12T23:28:03+00:00

Sometimes your dog may be wagging his tail upon your return home but is his tail wagging in a rigidly circular motion?  He may have been feeling overly anxious for your return home.  Our music therapy, Allegro Paws, program will help keep him comfortable while you are away working hard to put food on his plate. 

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