Is your furry four-legged friend looking at you with his beautiful eyes and tail wagging nervously hoping that you will not leave for the day or for the hour to go shopping?

Or does your favorite little friend have just a tad bit more energy and you are nervous as to what you will find upon your return home?

Mission & Vision

Give your pet a gift of love. Allegro Paws: Classical Music Therapy Albums for Pets™ by Kadoro Klassics, LLC, is a collection of classical music albums designed to help relax and reduce the anxiety level of pets that may suffer from stress related to separation anxiety, environmental anxiety, and many other external anxieties. This collection of music therapy albums can gently calm and relax your favorite four-legged friends. Your pet will feel happy and loved and you will feel assured of their comfort.

Dr. Sinn explains why classical music, and why not just turn on the radio.

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How do you know when your pet may be feeling a little more stressed?

Does your pet tear up your shoe when you are away? Or do you find papers and tissues and socks scattered on the floor? Your pet may be suffering with anxieties of being home alone or by distracting noises in the home environment. A simple sound to us will ring much louder to dogs. Dogs are able to hear sounds on a much wider range which at times can be very upsetting. My dog ran under the bed each time he heard thunder or firecrackers.

Where are pets when they may experience additional stress?

Challenging environments such as kennels, Pet Day Care, Rescue, grooming centers, veterinarian offices, pet hotels or in obedience training schools, can be stressful for your pet. Our therapy albums will help bring calm to most challenging environments.

Allegro Paws Albums:

Left Home Alone

Left Home Alone will help keep your beloved comfortable and soothed while you are away from home and will help reduce separation anxiety.

Pets give us signs but sometimes we may miss them. Help comfort your pet when you have to leave your loved either home alone, or home but without you.

Leisure Time

Leisure Time will help enhance the challenging environment of today. With all of the new school and office-at- home activities of today due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Allegro Paws Leisure Time will help create a more beautiful and comforting environment for your pet. Watch his mood become more relaxed and maybe it might comfort Mommy and Daddy too.


Naptime provides a program of very gentle and loving music to help bring the heart rate down to a resting point. Our pets feel that stress from their pet parents and sometimes they may become more stressed as well. Naptime would help relax your pet and allow your pet to fall comfortably to sleep within a more challenging environment of today’s times.

What music is programmed on our albums?

Composers of the music in our series range from the Baroque period to the 21st Century: Rameau, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Glinka, Satie, and Hailstork along with many others. The texture, temperament and tempo are important to create the optimal program of music lending to the various pet environments.

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