Once when I was visiting my cousin’s home, upon entering her home her dog, Trudy, was so happy to see me that she started to jump up and down on me. It was nice to see how excited she was but she was also tearing my clothes! I decided to do an experiment. We put on one of the pet CDs and I left the home for a short bit with the music playing inside and upon returning, Trudy didn’t jump up onto me, she greeted me happily, but she was not jumping and she wasn’t trying to bite me. We were so excited about the response to the music that we tried it again and we caught it on film! Check it out!


When using Naptime, play the full album when your pet is either starting to seem a little more agitated or when you know an activity will begin that will probably agitate your pet. Spend a few moments with your pet as the first song begins. The album will help to gently relax your pet over the next 30 minutes or so. Naptime can also be used when your pet has been exposed to a new environment, or to a busy environment,  or for when you may feel it necessary to help aid in bringing on sleep at night especially if he is suffering from teething.

When using Leisure Time, play the full album when your pet is in a playful mood but maybe you need to get your work done. Put on the album and you will notice your pet will start to relax and feel comforted. The more often you play the album and show your pet this music is for him, your pet will learn to relax more quickly once you start playing the album. Leisure Time differs from the other albums as it provides a nice calming environment for when your pet is at home especially if there is extra activity in the home. Our environment is changing in our current climate with the 2020 Pandemic. Leisure Time will help relax your pet and maybe Mommy and /or Daddy will feel more relaxed too.

When using Left Home Alone, as you prepare to leave or if you are noticing your pet is a little nippy or a little more agitated, play Left Home Alone, and watch how your pet will eventually relax. It will take about 15 minutes or so as the music slowly brings the heart rate down to a resting point. This album provides a delightfully spirited feeling for your pet. If you are leaving your pet(s) alone, for a bit of time, you may follow up with Leisure Time and then Naptime.