Research has demonstrated how valuable classical music is for humans as is for pets and animals in general. “Dogs seem to relax to soft slow strains, and sometimes become agitated to loud drum-based tunes”, (Joy Butler). Specific temperaments and textures from pieces from the Baroque period, from about 1600 to 1750s, the Classical Period, from about 1730s- 1820s, the Impressionistic Period, from about 1870s to 1880s, and music from the 20th and 21st centuries have been considered and programmed for the albums.

Why not just leave the radio on?

Some wonder why we can’t just leave the radio or Sirius XM on for pets. If a network programs a symphony by Tchaikovsky followed by a Puccini Opera followed by Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring the dynamics and tempos go up and down within a wide range which is ultimately very stressful and at times frightening for our pets.
Animals understand music better than we do…Click Here to read on what they understand.

Dr. Sinn explains why classical music works, and why not just turn on the radio, or Sirius XM?

Dr. Karen Walwyn interviews Dr. Leslie Sinn, DACVB, Veterinary Specialist in Behavior on the subject of why not just turn on the radio to the classical station for pet music therapy.

Dr. Karen Walwyn interviews Dr. Leslie Sinn on the elements of classical music most therapeutically significant for pets.

Dr. Karen Walwyn interviews Dr. Leslie Sinn on the subject of how certain classical music is therapeutic regarding the behavior of pets.

Dr. Karen Walwyn interviews Dr. Leslie Sinn on the specific quality in certain classical music to which pets positively respond.

This is really interesting information! I never thought about how important music is to pets! And I definitely didn’t know that certain music is better for them than just any music that might happen to be on the radio. Thanks for this, Dr. Karen!

— Sandra F. (San Diego)

Several studies have proven that specific tonalities, textures and temperaments commonly found in selected pieces from the classical genre, can have a soothing effect on our furry friends. 

What is the secret to our music?

The programs chosen for Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™ albums, through specific selection of classical music performed on a Steinway grand piano, are arranged by textures, tempos and temperaments. A steady beat, calming textures, beautiful melodic lines and expressive harmonies all help soothe pets. The music is carefully examined for specific styles, emotions and effects; programs are created for a nearly seamless transition to create the desired environment for stress reduction.

Does your pet sleep peacefully or is his nervous energy preventing restful sleep?

Our music helps to slow the heart rate so that pets can peacefully fall asleep in the midst of other minor distractions. Allegro Paws: Classical Music Therapy Albums for Pets™, Naptime will lull your furry friend to sleep. As well, your puppy may need a little sprinkle of Mozart or Bach to help ease him into the long voyage of night sleep. I still remember some of the rougher nights with Miles when he was a puppy.

Do you have a handful of furry four-legged guests in your doggy day care center?

Not just for home, Allegro Paws is perfect for Kennel Life, Doggy Day Care, and Grooming. Kennel life and doggy day care environments can be challenging for pets. Offering the programs performed on Allegro Paws: Classical Music for Pets™, can offer a more soothing environment for your guests. The temperament induced by the spirit of the music allows for a more comforting and relaxed environment. Starting with the upbeat peppy and cheerful Allegro Paws: Classical Music Therapy for Pets™, “Left Home Alone” album, followed by “Leisure Time” and “Naptime”, your guests will look forward to their return visit when mommy or daddy bring them back to play with their friends.
Allegro Paws music therapy program offers comfort for your pet at home, doggy daycare centers, boarding facilities, grooming facilities, veterinary hospitals, and doggie hotels.

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Classical Music Therapy Albums for Pets™ are recorded live by concert pianist, Dr. Karen Walwyn, a Steinway Artist, a recording artist for Albany Records, and performs on a Steinway concert grand for our albums. The recordings do not include any synthesized sounds. Pets respond most positively to the natural acoustic instrument.