According to Dog Gone Good Time & The Bark

Featured picture by Karsten Winegeart

This week we are proud to celebrate Have A Heart For Chained Dogs Week! Here are some ways to support this week:

  • Learn new alternatives to chaining your dog.
    • Take the time to research alternatives for chaining your pets. Chaining your dogs can have negative effects on them mentally and physically. Having your dog chained up and confined to small spaces can cause them to be more aggressive, as well as cause neck, back, and leg injuries.
  • Send A Dog a Valentine!
    • This week we also celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can send a chained dog a valentine, and write reasons why chaining dogs isn’t safe along with a coupon for a dog treat.

Along with these helpful tips, be sure to check out Allegro Paws: Classical Music Therapy for Pets-

Written by Aubrey Martin