This February is Responsible Pet Owners Month!

Featured photo by Autri Taheri

We are celebrating pet owners and their furry friends!

Here are some things you can do to celebrate this month:

Photo by Artem Labunsky

  1. Be sure to give your dog regular exercise.
  2. Schedule annual check-ups for your pups.
  3. Keep up with their dental hygiene.
  4. Regular update your dog’s diet and check for new and healthy foods.
  5. Even during the Pandemic, try to keep them socialized.

Photo by dominik reallife



  • Allegro Paws: Classical Music Therapy for Pets
    • Check out our website,, for our variety of albums catered to help relax and calm your pet!
  • Submit a picture and a story of you and your best pal to Allegro Paws!
    • We love to hear about our supporters and their pets. Submit a picture and story to to have the chance to be the Pet of the Month!
  • Quality Time
    • Spend quality time with your pets whether it be exercising together, going to a dog park, or dressing up in matching outfits.

Share with others the love of having a pet. Spread the word on social media and encourage others to be responsible pet owners.



Co-writers:  Karen Walwyn & Aubrey Martin