Sled Dog Day

February 2

According to HappyDays365 & Days of the Year

Photo by Robert Tjalondo

Today we are celebrating Sled Dog Day! Sled dogs were essential in northern areas for delivering mail and transportation in Northern Canada and Alaska for about the last 3,000 years. One of the sled dogs greatest accomplishments was helping to transport the antitoxin serum that helped solve the issue of Diphtheria for the population in Nome, Alaska in 1925. Hundreds of people and children would have died if those 20 men and 150 dogs had not helped them. They were able to get the serum to Nome within 6 days. Sled dogs are also celebrated for their role in polar expeditions, and a number of famous dog races are organised each year. Here are some ways to celebrate:


  • Watch the Iditarod and the Yukon Questeach races! These mushing races are organized every year on February 2nd.
  • Raise Awareness!
    • Use this day to raise awareness of the sled dogs’ dedication to the human race. You can raise money for dog charities taking care of homeless, or sick dogs, and those that have been cruelly abandoned by their owners.


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Written by Aubrey Martin